If this isn’t adding fuel to the fire (or gas to a ridiculously priced supercar) of discontent at LulaRoe, nothing ever will.

Mark Stidham found himself in the news this past week for financing a new attempt to break the ‘land speed record’ associated with super cars on a 12-mile stretch of Highway 160 just outside Pahrump, Nevada. Not kidding.

The car associated with the run at the record is the Koenigsegg Agera RS, owned by Mark Stidham himself. It retails for a whopping base price of $2.1MM dollars. Some estimates put Mark Stidham’s version closer to $3MM.

Mark decided it was a great time to take his multimillion dollar toy, purchase the closing of a stretch of highway, offer up his multimillion dollar supercar, pay for press coverage, camera crews, and all the tech involved in recording such a feat…all while thousands of working mom’s across the country can’t get a refund on their now defunct LulaRoe leggings inventory.

Mark Stidham is dropping millions of dollars on playing his own fantasy version of ‘speed racer’, while choosing not to say a word about the flailing status of LulaRoe. Shameful.

Two reps reached out to us about their feelings regarding the apparent lack of concern from the company and the actions of one of its founders.