Amazon has become ubiquitous with disruption in todays ever changing economy. The term ‘Amazon’d’ has become all the rage in the world of retail.

Firms that have been Amazon’d over the years are everywhere. Bookstores first, clothing, shoes, consumer goods, televisions, computers and computer accessories, fashion accessories (think purses and handbags), and on and on and on.

Take a minute and do a quick google search that looks like this: amazon and _______ (whatever network marketing firm you are involved in at the time). See if their products pop up, and if they are slightly less expensive to purchase on Amazon.

We already know what that search is going to turn up. But is it a cause for concern?

Amazon is one of the worlds five largest companies and is the dominant player in retail of every kind. Imagine if every network marketing firm decided to showcase all of their products on every Walmart shelf in the world. Would you be concerned then? You bet you would. It would be seen as mass dilution of the brand and an attack on your business. Even if that attack is coming from within your own firm.


We aren’t here to answer this conundrum for you; but we are here to make you aware of it. Should you be excited that your most important products (we are looking at you Plexus Slim) are highlighted and featured at Amazon while also being pushed up the results on Google?

We are skeptical of where this all leads. 40 years ago, when Tupperware reps began to cover the country, there was no Amazon or internet. There was simply, the Tupperware lady. Same with Avon. Same with Amway.

The landscape continues to evolve and change. Rapidly. What are you doing to stay a step ahead? It would be an interesting question to ask your upline: “What is our firms annual Amazon volume and revenue, versus the direct selling that we are doing out here day to day? We hope the answer doesn’t surprise you.