Since the beginning, Avon has never stopped their dedication to the empowerment of women.

Fast forward 130 years and this still stands true. Avon has become the first female brand to sponsor an FA Women’s Super League club. They’ve chosen to sponsor the Liverpool Ladies Football Club in what is a ground-breaking partnership.

For those of us from America, we may refer to this type of ‘football’… as soccer. 😉

The General Manager of Avon UK released this statement regarding the decision,
“Avon’s purpose is to inspire and create a world with more empowered women. This sponsorship aims to inspire women all over the world to drive real change in women’s football – breaking down social barriers, challenging stereotypes, and empowering young girls and women to play the sport that they love.”

“This sponsorship is another step forward in our support for women and one that we’re approaching with whole hearted commitment as we embark on this new and exciting venture together. The teams and professionals we have spoken to on this journey are truly inspirational women, working together to achieve their goals, and we are very excited to be sponsoring Liverpool Ladies Football Club and supporting the women through all of their future successes.”


Bill Hogan, Managing Director of Liverpool Football Club, had these thoughts on the subject, “We are thrilled to welcome Avon to the Liverpool Ladies FC family as their first Principal Partner. Avon is an iconic women’s brand with a rich history and shares the same core values as Liverpool Ladies Football Club. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership that will help bring women’s football to the top of the agenda.”

It may come as a surprise to some, but there are now over 30 million girls and women worldwide playing football regularly. This is a huge marketing opportunity, especially because of how hard it is to get support for women in sports. In the 1920’s women were not allowed to participate in the sport. We’ve come a looooong way since then. Companies such as Avon are helping push progress forward.

Avon’s participation in such a movement only strengthens their track record, showing their investment in women around the world.