LulaRoe is facing new legal challenges, ugly headlines, and a new stream of allegations from disgruntled former reps. All of the ugliness has made its way into more mainstream media outlets – and into your Facebook feeds this week. Not good.

If you are currently trying to recruit new members to your LulaRoe team, it just got immeasurably more difficult. Add to that the money you invested in your initial inventory, or successive inventory purchases, and you probably aren’t feeling like a LulaRoe world beater today. We feel your pain.

BuzzFeed, Teen Vogue, The Washington Post, NBC, The Chicago Tribune, Hello Giggles. All of them are doing a version of the ‘LulaRoe Sucks’ article in the last 48 hours. Headlines like:

“Sell Your BreastMilk to Buy LulaRoe Inventory”

“LulaRoe Sued as Pyramid Scheme”


“I got stuck with $20,000 of LulaRoe Inventory”

“Women Urged to Max Out Credit Cards”

Yeah – not so good. And these stories are legit. Sure, they may be the exception, but still no help to your current LulaRoe recruiting efforts, or your continued pursuit to sell off your LulaRoe inventory (heaven forbid you try to return that stuff!)

Our question is this: LulaRoe employs some big time lawyers and PR folks out of NYC (they’ve even called us a time or two); what in the holy hell are those people doing? What sort of terrible advice have they been giving the founders on how to address these lingering issues that have been a drag on momentum for most of 2017??

The response to all of this ugly press has been nearly existent. There has been one change to the return policy, but other than that, nada. LulaRoe reps are literally left trying to figure out how to spin the narrative on their own. And exactly how do you successfully spin the “sell your breastmilk to buy LulaRoe inventory” headline? (That one is particularly terrible, yikes!)

You guys should know by now that we are ‘pro-network marketing’ on this site. We seek to champion this industry and all of you that put the hard work in to building meaningful businesses and networks. Which is why we highlight the clear egregious corporate type of behavior that ends up directly hurting your efforts.

And that is what the lack of action at LulaRoe is doing right now. Hurting you. We feel for you and know that it is causing some serious financial and emotional pain in a lot of your lives.

Use us as a resource. Downline Buzz is YOUR voice. Hang in there LulaRoe reps.