More and more articles decrying the mistakes LulaRoe continues to force upon itself and its beleaguered ambassadors is drawing the ire of continued feedback on social media.

More specifically, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram have seen the dialogue about LulaRoe turn from positive, to measured, to negative in just the past eight weeks.

Instead of just filling up this article with social media ‘cut and pastes’ we’d rather show you all of the feedback that we’ve been receiving as well – and it isn’t good. Reps are ticked off, and the haters are out in force. So without further ado, here is a grab bag of unedited feedback that we’ve gathered:

Reddit: “This is exactly what needs to be getting out to the general public. It humanizes the horrifying nature of this insideous company. Lots of people on the outside can say “well it’s their own fault for falling for such a well known scam.” But when it’s humanized this way, mother’s, family members, friends, etc. It really brings to light how even bright and we’ll adjusted people get trapped in these sorts of schemes.”

Facebook: “Yeah they probably sold about 20% of their inventory with relative ease. That seems like the number most consultants agree with. An informal survey I did here a while back concluded that 10% of all orders were easy to sell, and that you could get rid of some more in a couple of month. So I am going to have to conclude that 20% is a reasonable amount to sell. The other 80% rots.”


Twitter: “Interested to see where all the new lawsuits end up… The ones against LLR and the one against mommygyver. Former consultant here, got out and sold ws. Never sent anything back, even before they rescinded the 100% buyback because I just didn’t trust them to begin with.”

Reddit: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney pulls their license from LLR soon. Typically, Disney doesn’t like to be associated with bad businesses.”

Reddit: “If things go south for LLR (one of the fastest growing MLM businesses in the history of MLM businesness) the MLM industry might end up being re-evaluated in total by the FTC. One can only hope.”

Facebook: “I’m down to my last 27 unclaimed pieces of inventory and I’m ready to get the hell off this sinking ship. I’m not sure why I ever bought into this bullsh** in the first place. It was fun in the beginning, but Mark and Deanne shouldn’t run a food truck, let alone a large scale company.”

Reddit: “They currently have our inventory held hostage at their warehouse. I don’t know where that puts us in terms of their policies and procedures changes, but I intend to find out. I may be wrong in stating this, but I believe emails can be seen as legally binding contracts if no other written disclaimers are included. I have an email telling me my cancellation request has been processed, and I would be receiving a 100% refund on my returned inventory.”

Facebook: “It’s my understanding that if your inventory being sent back to LLR is not in “resalable” (they’re so professional!) condition they will simply donate the clothing at their discretion and you will not receive any monetary compensation. What the he**?”

Instagram: “Based on the reaction, clearly. There are more “goob” sales than regular sales now. There is literally no market for “map” LuLaRoe anymore. They shot themselves on the foot when they over saturated the market with garbage product.”

Reddit: “The consultants were also lied to. Within the span of a week they were told two different stories on the return process. Some have been waiting months for their refunds. Bonus checks apparently also did t get sent out this month either.”

No other way to say it – this is a complete tire fire masquerading as a public relations disaster. Has anyone, anywhere heard from the executives, or founders, of LulaRoe in the last six weeks? There is nothing more disconcerting than the feeling of ‘Iceberg Ahead!!” and simultaneously realizing there is nobody steering the ship.