Mary Kay Inc. is and has been a well-established name in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Since the founding the company in 1963, Mary Kay has not only been on the frontier empowering women and changing the status quo but is also on the front lines of beauty industry innovation.

Innovation at its finest
This culture of creativity has led to more than 1300 patents for products and some impressive discoveries, one of which was just announced this past July at their annual convention hosted in Dallas this year. Over 25,000 consultants were eager to hear what the latest breakthrough was going to be.

“Mary Kay is on the front lines of innovation and we’re excited to announce a beauty industry first in the form of our TimeWise® Vitamin C Activating Squares™ at our annual U.S. Seminar,” said Mary Kay Inc.’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Lucy Gildea.
It’s worth noting that out of the 1300 patents, 130 were claimed by Mary Kay Inc. in 2016 alone, an impressive number that seems to continue growing.

Dr. Lucy went on to say, “Pure vitamin C degrades and loses its power over time when exposed to air, light or water, but with the new Mary Kay® dissolvable vitamin C square, a serum is enhanced and boosted with a fresh, pure and potent vitamin C elixir. It’s a revolutionary skin care innovation in the palm of your hand.”

Mary Kay on multiple fronts
The current president of the North America Region, Nathan Moore, loves not only the excitement these seminars bring but also what they are able to do for the seminars host city as he points out, “we celebrate the success of our Mary Kay entrepreneurs through recognition, education, inspiration and motivation for the year ahead, the event gives a generous boost to our local economy.”


‘Generous’ is right, the 2017 Dallas Convention brought in an estimated $48 million to the North Texas economy and helps to support about 4,600 jobs in the area.

This goes to show that innovation is not the only thing the company is on the front lines of. Another of their primary missions is to positively impact communities around the world. Everything from helping the lives of women and children to improving environmental conditions, Mary Kay works hard to make a difference.