Ritch Wood, Nu Skin CEO made several announcements this month connected to the firms skincare line, as well as sales initiatives aimed to keep consultants and ‘high performers’ feeling good about the firm. He also continued to beat the drum around the firms new network marketing slogan ‘social selling’. His comments on the conference call and some highlights are below.

“The energy from our sales leaders onsite and online was powerful as we
leveraged a new format for our global convention, attracting a sell-out
audience in Salt Lake City, with even more participating in real time through
our Nu Skin LIVE! webcast,” said Ritch Wood, chief executive officer. “We
continue to orient our sales leaders on our growth strategy as we work to
become the world’s leading opportunity platform, helping people improve their
lives and the lives of those around them.”

Leveraging Social-selling Platforms
Speakers during the event highlighted the rise of social selling around the
world and the important role it will play in driving future growth at Nu Skin.
Company leadership outlined the steps being taken over the next year to engage
its sales force with tools and technology that enhance their ability to reach
more prospective customers and business builders via social platforms.

Introducing New Products
Nu Skin unveiled its latest ageLOC skin care device and 18 additional products
that have been developed to support sales leaders’ social selling efforts. The
new products include:

  1. ageLOC LumiSpa – a new dual-action skin care device that simultaneously
    delivers a skin-perfecting treatment and deep cleansing benefits,
    revealing smoother, softer skin after just one use. LumiSpa was developed
    by Nu Skin scientists in conjunction with a board-certified dermatologist
    and validated through rigorous clinical studies. The device features
    patent-pending micropulse oscillating and pore-purifying motion, which
    optimizes the benefits of both the skin perfecting treatment and deep
    cleansing. Its soft silicone treatment head is gentle and hygienic, moving
    at a precise frequency to promote optimal skin benefits. Customers can
    choose between two heads, as well as three cleansers that feature a unique
    ageLOC blend of ingredients, based on their individual preferences and
    skin type.
  2. PowerLIPS Fluid – intense, long-lasting lip color that contains a special
    blend of skin-nourishing ingredients to help soothe, smooth and prevent
    dry-out over time. With an easy, one-step application, the unique and
    comfortable lip color formula goes on smooth without feathering or
  3. Dr. Dana™ Nail Renewal System – the first and only dermatologist-developed
    nail care system designed to not simply cover-up nail appearance issues,
    but actually solve them. Dr. Dana’s nail renewal products are clinically
    proven to transform dry, damaged, rough, ridged, or over-processed nails
    by exfoliating and hydrating nails for a healthier, stronger, more
    lustrous appearance in less than 10 minutes.
  4. Rau – a new high-performance, natural beauty line that combines the
    highest quality natural ingredients from around the world with a
    crowd-funding philanthropy program. The first three products of this new
    beauty line feature raw African marula oil. Made from the marula nut,
    marula oil has been an African beauty secret for centuries and is
    recognized today as a high-performance natural ingredient that provides
    intense skin nourishment.

Announcing New Sales and Customer Loyalty Programs
The company announced a new program called “Velocity” that provides more
flexible and timely rewards for sales leaders. In addition, the company
announced plans to introduce “Blu Rewards,” a new customer loyalty rewards
program designed to enhance the customer experience with tiered recognition
and flexible point redemption.


Raising Funds for Children’s Causes
Another highlight of Nu Skin LIVE! was the fundraising dinner and auction,
with proceeds going directly to the company’s charitable initiatives that
improve the lives of children by offering hope for a life free from disease,
illiteracy and poverty. The fundraising from the dinner and auction, as well
as other on-site fundraising initiatives, generated more than $2.2 million in
donations for the company’s global Force for Good projects.

Not only were the new products well received, but the sales initiatives were met with significant ‘cheers’ during the call and for several days after, amongst brand ambassadors.

Nu Skin is set to report Q3 earnings later today. Stay tuned.