Plexus can do no wrong. The network marketing company is praised in every corner of the network marketing world. Check your Facebook feed. You probably have friends drinking the *Pink Drink, selling Plexus as a wellness lifesaver, singing the praises of gut health, or better yet – on a current Plexus rewards trip!

No matter how hard we look, who we talk to, and how deep we dig with current Plexus ambassadors, there is simply no cracks in the company.

The firms products have been unassailable, even with the customary wary eyes of those not involved in the world of network marketing (i.e. haters). Take a look around your gym next time you go, take a quick count of how many tumbler bottles have pink liquid in them. Seriously.

Management at the firm keeps pushing all the right buttons, at just the right time. Marketing pushes, 7-Day wellness contests, social media dialogue, and the overall treatment of the best and brightest distributors have hooked nearly anyone that has given the firm a serious look.

Nary a word from the likes of the FTC or other governing bodies that stalk this industry. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It is almost as if the pink drink doubles as corporate teflon! Executing a strategy that lavishes distributors with perks (ever heard of the Plexus Lexus?) and top-tier compensation keeps the best of the best at the firm!


Here is a quick quip from a Diamond Ambassador that we talked to this weekend:

“I cut my teeth in this industry at another network marketing firm and thought that I had it good there. But here is the thing…when you can bring unrivaled culture, authenticity, products that sell and are sought after, and a never-ending stream of goodwill from the founders and management…you have exactly what you see and feel from this company. And don’t just pass by the word ‘authenticity’. To me, that is the real Plexus story here. The Plexus brand can be summed up in that way, authentic.”

And maybe that is the secret sauce. The Teflon veneer. Plexus is on an absolute roll right now and you can see it everywhere. Kudos to the founders, execs, and everyone that has built the brand into where it is today. Impressive.