These companies are on fire right now. Our top 10 list consists of companies from all different spaces in the network marketing industry. Public interest plays a big part of how fast these companies have grown on a month to month basis and right now these are the trendiest opportunities to be a part of.

1. Young Living Essential Oils – This company is HOT right now. Studies on essential oils have brought this company’s high-quality products to light. Sales over the holiday season proved this is a must-have, and consultants are cashing in on the opportunity.

2. Rodan and Fields – They started off with a great 2017 and ended even better. Top notch science and innovation backing the fastest growing beauty company has boosted momentum in the new year. Their ageless creams have got them where they are.

3. USI-Tech – 2017 might go down as the year of the bitcoin… depending on if cryptocurrency continues to explode in 2018. Right now, investing in digital currency is one of the hottest trends and USI-Tech has one of the top business models to give you the best returns.

4. DoTerra – Like Young Living, they are taking advantage of the essential oil platform. The large client base has given these two companies opportunity to succeed side by side and we don’t see them slowing down anytime soon.


5. Scentsy – Another essential oil company… I think we’re witnessing the year’s biggest trend so far in network marketing. Although they’ve been around for over a decade Scentsy has waited for its turn to take the spotlight.

6. Jeunesse – We witnessed this company skyrocket right before our eyes last year as they were our previous number one opportunity. Recent legal trouble has slowed things down, but not by much. Their Innovative products have given them the edge over competitors, and the leadership growing their teams is one of the best in the industry, and that’s what keeps them on this list.

7. Mary Kay – This is one of the most popular cosmetics brands and honestly might surprise some people with their recent growth. They are very well known around the industry but that doesn’t mean ladies are growing their teams.

8. Isagenix – Competing in the health and wellness space isn’t easy and it took Isagenix a while to figure it out. They finally cleared that billion-dollar milestone and momentum has been at an all-time high, bringing them to the number one fastest growing company in their category.

9. Plexus – Another winner in health and wellness, Plexus is a new company in this category. Their ‘pink drink’ has seen outstanding reviews and ambassador growth started to explode last year. They have a lot of upside and we see them hanging with the fastest growing companies for a while.

10. Pampered Chef – They have expanded into several different markets giving them a wide variety of ways to sell their products. One of the older companies on this list, but recent changes how allowed them to hit a stride in recent months. Might be a short-lived growth spurt but for now, they make the top 10.

If you are looking for the biggest trends, essential oils are dominating the Top 10 right now. This is nothing new but recent headlines and news articles have given these companies a boost of confidence that has brought momentum on their side. Health and wellness have always been a big part of the industry as well and these new powerhouses might be something to keep in mind if that’s your area.

Success in this industry all boils down to gaining and being able to keep momentum. We’ve just handed you the guidebook for the top companies right now seeing explosive growth. If you are involved with any of the Top 10 or looking to join, NOW is the time to take advantage and go all out. It’s a growing, yet competitive industry, no better time to make the most of the opportunity given to you.