Ed Mercer is a legend. Ed Mercer is a network marketing legend. Anybody who has been in this industry for more than six minutes knows who Ed Mercer is. Legend.

Ed was Tony Robbins, before Tony Robbins. Ed was Eric Worre, before Eric Worre. Ed was there at the birth of the Mary Kay brand (in fact, he served as the CEO/Life coach to Mary Kay herself as the firm was in its infancy). He was espousing the virtues of network marketing before Herbalife even existed. And on and on and on.

Today, Ed Mercer seeks to make good on a life mission of helping people, no matter what industry they find themselves in; to be the best that they can possibly be.

We had a discussion with several of Ed’s supporters and friends – those that have found themselves in his presence and come away both impressed and making changes to their own financial and career trajectory. Ed has a way of impacting the people he comes in contact with in that way.

One particular friend of Ed’s had this to say, “I’ve never met a more genuine individual in this business. Never. Every where Ed goes he attracts talent, conversation and an energy that people are drawn too. It really is something to watch. More than a celebrity sort of thing, it feels more like respect and good will. That is truly what Ed brings to every relationship. One minute he is working to further the success of one company and its founders and the next minute he is taking time to listen to and earnestly give advice to a ‘one month into the business’ direct selling newbie – truly hoping that they are successful.”


As of late, Ed has become known for his efforts to create 100 millionaires. He’s written books, (Ed Mercer: The Eighth Grade Billionaire) built companies, managed personalities, been a land developer – and did we mention that he is a billionaire?

He’s shared stages with royalty, famous athletes, politicians, and faith based personalities that read as a ‘who’s who’ of media and public figures. Still, his friends and acquaintances believe Ed is authentic – the real deal.

Another conversation we had who calls Ed a close friend said the following, “any negativity that I have ever heard connected to Ed has simply been petty jealousy because of his accomplishments. The guy lives his life to help others thrive – and as a result, he has thrived. If I could pick one word to describe Ed it would be ‘genuine’. Truly a genuine individual who would go to the ends of the earth to help you succeed. I’ve eaten meals with him, traveled with him, and all along the way it has been ‘how can I help you, what is it that we can do together to help you and others around you’. Imagine that from a billionaire with the world as his playground? He could disappear and do whatever he wanted to do, yet he finds himself helping others in this industry.”

And that really is the story here. Authentic, genuine, real. You don’t get to where Ed Mercer has been with smoke and mirrors. The true ‘Godfather of Network Marketing’ still walks among us.

If you ever have the chance to spend time with him, don’t pass it up. You won’t regret it.