There have been mixed feelings thrown around the industry about hiring a professional life coach. We’re here today to dig a little deeper and find out if it’s the right move.

We can see a couple obvious reasons one would turn to a life coach in direct sales. One, you feel like your team just isn’t growing with the momentum and excitement they once had. And two, a life coach can help you climb to an emotional level looking inward at your habits and leadership.

As risky as spending thousands of dollars might seem, we spoke to one of the top female leaders in the industry who made the investment. With a team of nearly 1000 women and business seemingly at a plateau, hiring one of the most highly sought after life coaches seemed to be the next step forward. Over the next 12 months, they were able to work side by side, dissecting the business. We’re here to share the realization of what was learned.

It Is A Big Move

“It was a big move. I thought I was doing everything right, so why did I decide to go another direction? My team had grown so fast I was really disconnected from any upline support. That’s when I knew I needed to start searching.”


“They told me this would get me past the funk I thought I was in, but really, I had no idea what to expect.”

“Realization set in when the focus wasn’t about my business or restructuring the path we were on. By creating my own curriculum, we were already leaps and bounds above other teams in the company. This program took on a much deeper purpose.”

A Much Deeper Purpose

“The main course of action came from looking inward. The coaching began to focus on what brings me fulfillment personally and professionally, and what I can do to get there. I became more aware of what truly brings me passion and how to exercise my greatest talents as a leader and in the world at large.”