Starting out anything can prove to be difficult, especially when there is no “perfect guideline.” In direct marketing no one can force you to do anything; there is no one telling you to be at the office by 8, or giving you a step by step on exactly what it is you have to be doing throughout the day. You are in business for yourself and there was a completely new skillset that I needed to learn.

Although there is nobody holding a gun to your head, you can still receive assistance and instruction. The quality of this advice is completely dependent on your “Upline Manager,” or the person that brings you into the business. They are responsible for both initial and continued coaching. Luckily, I had joined a pretty great team.

Every single network marketing company is unique, yet they all share similar qualities. What I did to become successful in Lia Sophia will differ from what you would do in a Health and Wellness company like Plexus. Sales and training differ because products and company structures are different. The qualities that will remain the same will primarily stem from ways in which you improve yourself. I wanted to clarify this before moving forward because there may be certain terms, methods, or company policies that do not directly translate into what works in your specific company.

My first couple weeks I began to familiarize myself with the business and was seeking advice on how I should get started. I was given our team’s formula for success that came straight from our “zone manager,” (Was a several levels above me) who had been in the business for 3 years and was making well into the six figures. She had created this formula through personal experience and it looked like this: Keep connected with your “upline” + consistently be at monthly meetings + two shows a week + 1 ½ recruits a month = a six-figure income in three years. Well, having close to zero experience in the business, I figured my best option may be listening to her. So, I did just that.

When I say, what started to unfold before our eyes was amazing, it would be an understatement. We began to make a little extra money immediately. At the time, a little went a very long way. Now we did not need to work some of the odd and end jobs that were previously a necessity. This turned into more time we could focus on our business to make improvements. Stress levels at our home began to lower as we could spend a little more time with our children. Less stress and more time on our business resulted in more successful weeks, than months, and before we knew it we were closing in on a year.


Over the course of this year my belief level in the industry was constantly raising. About six months in I began to consider the possibility of this being a full-time job. This was confirmed when at one full year in the business, we had made $67,000!!! But that wasn’t all, we had also won two all-inclusive trips. We took our family to Disney World and Myrtle Beach, something we had not been able to do for a long time. I was amazed! Was it hard work? Yes. Initially I had my doubts, but after my first year in the business I realized something. We are far more capable than we know and I wanted to set my sights on achieving higher goals! So that was what I was going to do…

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