There was something now established in my mind that had not been at 100% over the course of the last year. Belief. This affected everything.

My attitude towards the industry had changed as well as my commitment level. Our team called this the ABC’s (attitude, belief, commitment). These attributes are very interrelated. An understanding and execution of one will breed the implementation of others; the three combined will undoubtedly lead you to success. This has been my experience.

In my second year, I was able to attain a six-figure income; 167000 to be exact. Two years was all it took for our family’s life to drastically change. At this point was being promoted through the ranks of Lia Sophia at a rapid rate. Within nine months I moved from Advisor to our second rank of Star Unit Leader, then Star Division Leader within my second year, and Star Region Leader by my third. Like many network marketing companies this came with welcomed increases in pay, but what is not talked about as much were the challenges.

There is a very distinct difference between the responsibilities that you will experience at these different tiers in your organization. I now had hundreds of individuals within my organization that looked to me for guidance. Personal growth became mandatory. I realized that to continue upward momentum in the company, I had to become a true leader. If not, hosting parties, mentoring other woman, and speaking at rallies in front of thousands of individuals would have been impossible. Some of this growth occurred organically through building my business, but I also had to allocate time to self-development. This is what allowed me to scale.

Years 3-8 in Lia Sophia were like a dream. This company had become the vehicle for my family and I to do things we never thought possible a few years before. We could pay our bills, travel, spend more time with family, and even help others financially. Were there challenges? Yes. But it felt as if we were finally able to breathe easy and escape the constraints that had been on us just years prior. Money had never been our priority but the escape from stress and the experiences we were able to have with family was liberating.


After 8 years with the company, we had close to 1000 individuals in our organization. At this point I had shifted from becoming a leader to training leaders. The growth our business had been experiencing had started to slow down but everything was still going very well. I felt as if I was on the peak of mountain, and up to this point I had not experienced the valleys, until one showed up.

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