And then some turbulence. Years 9 and 10 proved more difficult than those prior. Up until this point I had been steadily growing but I was now dealing with the challenges of a plateau. That was ok though, it was just going to be a new test that I would learn from and pass. If you are directly responsible for individuals under you, it is much easier to manage and lead them. However, in an organization of over 1000 people, you will naturally lose some of that control. You must learn to rely on the leaders you have created under you to handle growing their business and focus on mentoring them.

Nevertheless, sales were declining for the first time and I started to worry. I had expectations set and they were not meeting reality. I met with my top advisors to see what we could do to reverse the problem. This is merely the nature of any company though. I had to learn that there will always be fluctuations in sales and it’s not always something that you can control; you need to just weather the storm the best you can and continually look for ways you can move forward.

What we failed to see is that there was a much larger issue bubbling under the surface. Teams like ours were facing the same challenges around the country, which meant Lia Sophia, at large, was in serious financial trouble. Our focus on our own team kept our eyes somewhat shut to what was going on at the top of Lia Sophia.

When I say what happened next was a complete shock; that would be an understatement. Several rumors were circulating about a big change coming in the company. This was about a week before we got the news. Lia Sophia, as we knew it, was closing. I felt like the rug was swept directly from underneath me. The company sent out a mass email informing all its representatives of the decision. It is still somewhat uncertain as to what exactly the reason was; there was discord between the owners, the company was not making enough money, there were more profits to be made selling in retail. We are not sure exactly what spurred the decision, but the ramifications for my family would be hard to face.

My immediate feelings towards the situation were shock, anger, confusion, and resentment. We were not sure what we were going to do moving forward and still had five of our six children living at home. It felt as if we were about to be right where we left off 10 years prior. I harbored those feelings for a while but then it occurred to me; Where was wallowing in self-pity going to get me? How was concentrating on the negative going to help our family?


The truth of the matter is that I had so much to be grateful towards Lia Sophia for. Yes, they had shut down without proper notification, but I had been afforded so many opportunities through the organization. I was able do more with my family in these 10 years than any other job would ever allowed me to. On top of this, I grew so much more as a person than I could have in another occupation. Lia Sophia gave me an opportunity, and I chose to take it. Companies go under all the time in other lines of work. Yes, it was hard, but I needed to take what I learned and move forward.

Several other network marketing companies reached out and want my team and I to join their organization. I will admit, it was enticing, but it did not feel quite right at the time. I knew that I wanted to be involved in some way with Multi-Level Marketing but I was not sure quite what exactly I wanted. That brings us to today. I realized that there was a need in this industry that has not yet been fulfilled. There were so many times while involved with Lia Sophia that I wished I had a reliable source for “all things network marketing.” I realized that reliable news, motivation, coaching, and just what was going on in the industry were all somewhat elusive. There was no one place you could go get it all.

So, I formed partnerships and am now dedicated to changing that. I hope that I will be able to bring value to you through DownlineBuzz.


Lillian Thompson