If you are reading this article right now you probably have in some way been exposed to the industry of network marketing.

Ten plus years in the industry has inevitably shown me it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I had over 1100 advisors in my organization, made a multiple six-figure income for seven straight years, did over 10 million in annual sales, was top 5 in the nation in recruiting, earned many vacations, gained close friends, grew personally, and even seen companies come to an end.

Since network marketing is like owning your own business, it can be tricky to navigate the various challenges that arise along the way. I write about some of my experiences now in hopes that they may benefit you, your business, or others close to you. Let’s start at the beginning.

My parents were farmers from Alabama who started a successful sewing machine business in Michigan. Needless to say, they taught be the value of hard work and what it was to be in business for yourself. At eighteen, I decided to fly the coop and attend Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. This is where I attained my degree and met my husband Jamie. Fast forwarding a bit; a mortgage, multiple car payments, utilities, insurance, cable, internet… oh ya… and six kids later… I found that life has a way of becoming quite complicated very quickly. This is especially true in the area of finances. My husband and I were working several jobs each just to make ends meet but this still wasn’t enough. Drowning in debt, we did not know what to do.

One day while working, a lady asks me if I would like to attend a Lia Sophia jewelry party and informs me that they would also be presenting an opportunity to make money. I was a bit confused, but this peaked my curiosity. What did I have to lose? I got off work late that day and arrived at the party about a half hour after it had started. The party was being hosted by a couple who were relatively new to the business. The two spent some time showing off the different types of jewelry that was for sale. The jewelry was very nice, but then they brought out their “upline’s” (a term I was oblivious to at the time) $5000 check from earnings over the past week! Now I was interested.


The presentation of the opportunity was a lot to take in. Be my own boss? Make a little extra money on the side? Turn it into a full-time job? Is this a one of those pyramid scams? What would I even do? How would I start? I’m already so busy, do I even have enough time for this? I was a bit skeptic and relatively unfamiliar with this type of company, but I could see there was potential here. More importantly, I knew we had to do something to keep the lights on at our home. The range of things you would test out drastically increases when this is the case. I brought a Lia Sophia booklet home to discuss this with my husband.

Like me, he had some doubts as well; but like me, he was willing to take a risk. I’m glad we did…

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