“Watching someone else totally go for it can be incredibly upsetting to the person who’s spent a lifetime building a solid case for why they themselves can’t.” – Jen Sincero

Building a business in network marketing is challenging enough without the constant concern of other opinions. You know what I’m talking about.

We live in a fear-based society of people who are hard wired to never venture outside of the “norm.” When someone finally builds up the courage, they are scrutinized by the small minded. This negative energy comes at us from all directions too; it isn’t necessarily just those who don’t care for you but also from the ones that do.

Some may even have good intentions as they tell you all the things that could go wrong and the reasons you’re going to fail. You will not always have people in your corner cheering you on, you MUST learn to believe in yourself and what you are doing.



It is instinctive to care what others think, most of us are wired that way; but this is an emotion that must be conquered before greatness can be dared. There is a distinction that needs to be made between negative babbling and constructive criticism. A way to evaluate  this is not too difficult, once you realize if the critic brings anything of value to the table.

The reality is that most people will think what you are doing is stupid… until you succeed, then you’re a genius. Look through the history books, that is pretty much the case for anyone who has stepped outside the “norm.” Starting with Noah! 😉

Network marketing isn’t necessarily like trying to convince everyone to ‘get on the boat’, but it does step outside of most traditional career paths. Don’t live your life based on the opinions of others and you will not only be more successful but also much happier.