I’ve been involved in network marketing off and on for years. How many people can say those very same words.

Direct Sales statistics give the number of 56 % annual turnover rate and 82% barely stay over a year. However, the desire to succeed is never a matter of not wanting to succeed, not having the dream of the jeweled rung of the success ladder. All who are recruited dream of being a success.

All too often most struggle with getting out of their own way and getting out of their personal comfort zone. These same recruits are creative, enthusiastic and have the skills to get where they dream of getting. So why is it so hard for some and looks so easy for others? How does the Ruby, Sapphire or Diamond hang on suring the low tides and deal with the 85+% of no’s?

Wouldn’t it be advantageous to be the proverbial fly on the wall? Academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and all corners of the corporate world use some form of shadowing.


Network Marketing has never shied away from the use of social media. Webinars, live streaming, seasoned YouTube videos and FaceTime are all big means of training within the network marketing industry. A challenge to direct Sales uplines for a competition within your down line for a day of shadowing is clearly advantageous for all involved.

Who wouldn’t want to journey with a Diamond or Ruby as they go out into the community and see how success looks while it is being implemented? Show them how to begin that conversation with a stranger. Let them see how to buffer negative reactions, leave a doubter smiling. Live stream talking to the wait staff and bankers.

Reveal how you approach a vivacious personality that clearly is struggling economically without being condescending. Demonstrate to your downline how to communicate to your existing customers while daringly encouraging them to try a new product without pressuring them to buy.

We all want to learn from the best. Up lines are looked up to and envied. Let them walk beside you for a day.