You just joined a network marketing company, now what?

Well for most of us the first steps involve learning the industry, developing a customer base, and recruiting a team around your warm network, then eventually moving to cold prospects.

Mastering these skills and duplicate the process in others is the bread and butter of building a successful business. Of these, recruiting tends to be the most difficult struggle for individuals, especially for those who are new to the industry.

Very few people enter the industry with these skills already in place. If you actively and consistently improve on them the results will show in your business. Fortunately, these skills can be learned. Here are 10 tips, that when done consistently, will start you on the path to becoming a master of network marketing.

#1 Improve yourself.


This has to be taken as the most important point. Strip away the addiction to your current skill set and habits, then you will understand that you can grow to become anything you want.

For example, if you want to get better at public speaking or presenting then you need to practice and invest in your personal growth every single day.

Whatever it is that will help you, reading a chapter a day or practicing your speech in front of the mirror, take your development seriously if you want to be taken seriously and understand you need to grow.

#2 Don’t beg, chase, or bug.

Just because you helped that person move 2 years ago doesn’t mean they owe you any favors. Think of walking into a job interview or asking someone out on a date.

What would you think if you sat down and the interviewer started begging you to work for them? Or someone was a  weirdly enthusiastic when asking someone on a date, something would just not feel right.

Chasing or bugging someone just to sit down with you will actually have the opposite effect, so create a strategy for right approach beforehand.

#3 Treat it like a business, not a scratch off.

Sure, it’s exciting starting a new business, but manage your expectations. Don’t throw all of your eggs into the basket of knowing well connected individual, thinking that they’re your ticket to success.

Chances are when you approach that person and they say no, it will end up having seriously negative impact on your mindset, this is how many people get discouraged and end up quitting.

If you’re not sure that you want to be doing this a year from now, don’t bother, but don’t come in with wrong expectations. Understand it takes time, it’s not luck of the draw. Building your business is something need to work very hard at. If you can’t build residual income from a normal job then why would it be easy somewhere else?

Realize the true potential of creating residual income in network marketing and put in the work to make it happen.

#4 A good upline is a bonus, not a requirement.

There will be amazing uplines with bad downlines as well as disappointing uplines with awesome downlines, it’s inevitable. What you should not do is expect your uplines to carry you to the next rank, or build your business for you.

This is your business, treat it like it is and produce. It’s great when your upline helps you out, but they don’t owe you anything. Just like in other jobs, you have to pull your weight. The trick is becoming so good at this that they can’t ignore you.

While it is in their best interest to assist you, do not hinge your success on your upline. You have to have the “if I’m going to succeed, it’s going to be up to me” mindset. Develop the self-respect, work ethic, and confidence to become self-made.