You might think that ramping up quickly and cashing checks larger than you ever believed possible in your first year would be awesome. And while the bump in your checking account might look and feel good – it could come at a price

Network marketing success isn’t a purely ‘up and to the right’ carnival ride. It is a bumpy rode with both ups and downs to navigate. Let’s take a look at the pitfalls of getting too far ahead of yourself.

Premature Full Time
Did you know that 87% of realtors end up failing or quitting within the first two years? Why? They quit their current job without knowledge or experience in the real estate industry and get discouraged when they don’t initially make money.
Network marketers tend to go all in too quickly without first acquiring needed knowledge and experience. Don’t get me wrong, doing multi-level-marketing full time is the goal, but you should ease yourself in. Realize that it takes time to learn a trade, give yourself some time doing it part time before you make the transition.

Unrealistic Expectations
The next landmine is having unrealistic expectations. This can be tricky, it is only natural to be excited about a new opportunity but building your own business is not going to be a cake-walk. You must ‘dig the well before you can get any water.’

Stop Recruiting
Another pitfall that is easy to fall into is going into management mode. After some initial success selling and bringing others into your business, many people want to sit back, relax, and stop doing the things that gave them some initial success.


Lack of commitment to meetings and conference calls
Where do you make your money in network marketing? Meetings! Maintain a high commitment to the actions that make you the most amount of money! Whether selling your product or the opportunity, meetings are going to be vital.

Not developing you
You must never stop improving yourself. It is better to think of network marketing as an ‘Attracting’ business instead of a ‘Selling’ business. The more you grow yourself, the more your business will reflect you and grow as well. Invest and develop yourself.

You think FEAR is real
The next landmine to your success is FEAR. Understand that fear is just an illusion, a negative imagination. Do not start playing the anticipation game, this only serves to stress you out. If you are afraid of doing something related to your business, practice going out of your way to consciously do that activity three times a day. This will help you conquer that fear, and prove to you that fear is a waste of your energy.

Mismanage prospects
Nothing will kill the potential your business has faster poorly handling your relationship and interactions with prospects. Do not be late, disheveled, or unprofessional in dealing with the people that you are trying to bring into your business. Their impression of you will likely be the deciding factor on whether they take advantage of this opportunity or not. Also, do not let promising prospects slip away by neglecting to follow up. The fortune is in the follow-up!

Bad Work Habits
The last landmine to success is bringing the bad habits developed from previous or current jobs into your new business. Just because you can get away with something at your work now, does not mean you can your new business.

Remember to hold yourself accountable and treat this new opportunity as something you take pride in. Being conscious of pitfalls that trip up others in this industry will help you, but the knowledge itself will not get you anywhere, it always comes down to implementing the practices that lead to your success!