The network marketing landscape has made a strategic shift into two profitable and authentic audiences: millennials and organic ingredients.

The two hottest firms with enormous momentum in this space are doTerra and Young Living…and they are on every college campus in the US.

If you doubt the veracity of that above statement, go spend a half day on sorority row at any college in your town. Ask your 20 something college student if they’ve heard of either brand. Ask your local Starbucks barista, who doubles as a psychology major, the last time they used either ‘essential oils’ product. All of them will know exactly what you are talking about.

The ‘naturals’ market is ripe for the picking. As the organic materials/foods movement continues to go mainstream (hello Amazon and Whole Foods!!) these two firms positioned themselves perfectly for the uptick in brand recognition, millennial reach, and product velocity.

Young Living and doTerra reps spoke to us about their early success and where they’ve been able to get a foothold to grow their businesses. You will notice a clear pattern here:


A Young Living rep said the following, “You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to get buy in from my friends and sisters! I signed up about a year ago and have twice thought about putting my education on hold. I am making nearly 10k a month and the perks that come along with that. I literally have not taken one step outside of my community here at UK (University of Kentucky). I guess the key for me is this – all natural ingredients and products that are authentic. Anything less than that would be immediately sniffed out by our group. I think everybody knows how cynical and connected our generation is. In other words, you can trick us into believing something that isn’t true. Young living checks all of those boxes, and the proof is in the truth that everybody loves this stuff!”

A doTerra rep shared similar comments, “I don’t think I have a single customer that is over 35. This company and its products have resonated with us in a way that I couldn’t have foreseen. The ‘crunchy’ phenomenon is big here in Utah, and doTerra is the kind of natural product that a couple of my crunchy mom friends have embraced. Oils, soaps, detergents – all of them have found a foothold amongst my friends and some of my classmates (BYU). I don’t really know how else to describe it, other than it is just easy to sell these products. The authenticity of the ingredients and the message seem to be what I hear from people. I don’t know. I just know it has really, really taken off!”

College students. Organic materials and message. Millennials and moms. These are trends that can stretch out for years. College campuses and female loyalty are the kind of brand identities that network marketing competitors covet. Young Living and doTerra have figured it out, and it shows.