Yesterday we posted some inside intel on what has been going on at LuLaRoe. The difficulties that brand ambassadors have been dealing with from corporate, and how they plan on dealing with leadership at the ‘athleisure’ network marketing firm.

We obviously hit a nerve as feedback began to pour into our inboxes and those that commented left absolutely nothing for us to read between the proverbial lines. Let’s just say, there are some pissed off LuLaRoe reps out there and they want us to know about it!

Here are three separate comments that we fielded, unedited:

“You guys are really onto something with this article. I don’t know who you talked to, but you could have been talking to me! LOL! This is exactly the issue that I have been having with discounting and dealing with ‘preferred teams’ that seem like they can get away with questionable practices, but we get hammered if we attempt anything! I don’t get it. And to be clear, I am shopping my team around to other firms right now. We want out.”

Another emailer shared some colorful language with us:


“If these fuc**** think they are going to get away with treating people like me, that have been with the company for five years, like this they can kiss my a**!!!! I found out that two separate competing reps were on our team call just last week and reported ‘questionable’ tactics back to headquarters. As clearly as I can say this, FU** YOU!!! Payback is going to be a bit**!! Keep these articles front and center, cause there is going to more to come from me!”


UPDATE: These responses are in reaction to the original rumor found here

And a final email that was a bit more subdued, but still made it clear that they were unhappy:

“Look, if you get caught doing some underhanded stuff that is borderline unethical, you should face the consequences. Period. The problem a lot of us that are speaking out have is that there seems to be a campaign going on behind the scenes to almost spy on certain teams. It is a significantly negative stain on the culture here and has caused me to ask some questions about the organization as a whole.”

We aren’t sure where this all goes, but we do know that the correspondence we are receiving is pretty emotional right now. Let’s let it play out and see if leadership at LuLaRoe finds a way to right the ship. Or else it could sink.