Multiple LulaRoe protests were planned this weekend, as LulaRoe leadership and elite reps met at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas for a leadership conference.

The protests did not happen; but not for the reasons that would make for a good public relations story. No, reps weren’t suddenly presented with quick refunds commensurate with the firms return policy. No, the 5 to 10 thousand dollars that “mom’s seeking to earn extra income” were asked to initially invest with the firm, were not returned to head off protests.

Instead, the protest group was concerned that those returns would never come if they were seen protesting the company in such an open and transparent way. It is one thing to do so via Twitter or Facebook or other social media mediums – but to do so face to face with some of the firms biggest supporters and cheerleaders scared many of the protesters.

Fear, scared, delay…

And can you blame them? These woman want their money back. Meaningful amounts of money that will go directly towards caring for their families. Here is some of the feedback that we collected with respect to why the protest was called off: (as always we keep these comments anonymous, to protect those that are willing to speak out, unless otherwise instructed).


“No, I do not believe we are still doing it tonight. A lot of consultants are scared if they go to the protest LulaRoe will not refund their money. There were only a few of us who didn’t care either way what happened, but the overwhelming majority fears LulaRoe will just delay or not give their refund.”

Not sure if LulaRoe wants to be associated with terms like ‘fear’ or ‘scared’ or ‘delay’. The PR hit this firm continues to take should be so easy to remedy. Here is another round of feedback with respect to the cancelled protest:

“Several admins were planning the protest, but as we got closer and closer to the day of the event people got cold feet. The sad issue here is that these women bought in and believed that this company was everything that they said they would be. The whole ‘sisterhood’ and ‘being blessed’ narrative is everywhere at the company. Yet when a ‘sister’ needs to walk away and receive some money back, it seems she is no longer a ‘sister’. I guess you are only ‘blessed’ if you are selling more and more inventory and proudly displaying your LulaRoe love. In other words, the LulaRoe family comes with conditions.”

Incompetent, lazy and cruel.

And a final comment from a poster on social media, “I think that LulaRoe is just a horrible combination of incompetent, lazy, and cruel. So when they announced the 100% buyback, did they even bother to do a survey beforehand to see what percentage of consultants would take advantage of the offer?”

“And I understand consultants frustration that their refunds are taking so long, but I really do not understand why they thought the refunds would be so quick? There was nothing in the newly announced policy that said the funds had to be returned in less than 30 days or anything.”

So here we are. Some consultants are doing, or not doing, certain things based on fear and being ‘scared’. The firm seems to have been purposely ambiguous in its return policy; promising 100% refunds, but saying nothing about the timing of those returns. Theoretically they could take years to return the funds. And who says they have to return 100% of the funds all at the same time. What if they choose to do it in a tiered manner over time?

Bad policy. Bad public relations. Bad vibes all around. And cleaning this up could be so easy. Your move LulaRoe.