There is a poaching epidemic gripping the network marketing industry today. Nearly every distributor we’ve spoken to in the last few months have fallen prey to it in one way or another.

If you talk to representatives who have been part of a network marketing company for any length of time, they will most likely be able to share a ‘back alley’ story when a potential recruit or even current downline was ‘stolen’ from their team.

Now, some of you may be reading this thinking that your company would never be party to this sort of behavior. I can promise you that no company is devoid of the poaching phenomenon. You may be an ambassador for the most ethical company in the world, with the most incredible products in the world; but at one point or another, a prominent distributor has taken their shot at poaching.

Poaching and network marketing seemed to be almost one in the same on college campuses right now. The allure of a quick buck, recognition, and the prospect of graduating debt free is driving a hyper competitiveness on campuses across the country.

We wanted to share the story from a rep who found herself in the middle of an illegal shift in her previous company. Here are Allison’s comments:

“I’ve always tried to do what was right. This situation was weird for me. The company was growing so fast and I became a brand partner when I was at school (Michigan State). My brother got recruited a couple months later by a different team. I actually didn’t even find out right away but his team was killing it…we were struggling because our upline dropped out pretty fast.”