With today’s ease of access to social media outlets, it might feel like we are constantly bombarded by advertisements from marketers trying to get you to join their ‘business opportunity’.

You might recognize this as something like, ‘learn how to make extra money from home’. Of course, the potential earnings flaunted up front will catch your eye; and it’s easy count me in!

Don’t get me wrong, is it possible to make money through some opportunities we see promoted? Barring it’s not a scam, it is most likely doable. There probably are people making what they say; but what they don’t tell you is its far from a walk in the park. As our statistics prove, the average person won’t make it.

It’s become so easy to recruit in this day and age that the majority of companies who advertise like this are set up with some form of multi-level marketing compensation.
It makes sense to pay networkers to grow the business rather than spend money on advertising. The downfall comes when the company loses control of how those networkers choose to advertise, relying on them to represent the brand often times doing so in an unethical way. You can end up with some ‘loose cannons’ – to put it mildly.

As a die-hard of the industry many networkers attempt to surround themselves (and their social media) with like-minded individuals. Ever joined an online Facebook group for multi-level marketing? New business ventures are being throw out left and right.


Even if your company doesn’t work out there always seems to be another opportunity waiting around the corner. You might even see people advertising for more than one company, could this even work?

Trying On Two Network Marketing Companies At Once Is Folly

Sorry to be the one to break it to you, it’s NOT going to work. As a matter of fact, it could even completely blow up in your face. There are so many things wrong with this, I’ll explain why.

A poll was taken of over 6,000 network marketers and of those polled 55% said they were focusing on just one business while 19% said they were active in two and 26% of them said they were active in three or more. For the record, it’s rumored that the most MLM opportunities pursued at once is 36. Absolutely insane and pretty hilarious.

For starters, one thing that has ALWAYS failed is attempting to become a successful top earner while working more than one MLM opportunity. This means 45% of network marketers polled think that they can give 100% to more than one company. If you don’t jump in with both feet – in any career endeavor, you are destined to fail. Period.

While it is true that some are simply registered just for discounted services or products, or involved in a company like USI-Tech where they just watch their bitcoin investments compound; the stats still show that loading all of your focus and efforts into building one network marketing bandwagon is the only way to roll.