In network marketing, there are many different strategies, coaching sessions, and mentorships that will be crucial on the path to success. However, to become a top income earner in this industry there are two things you must eventually master. These are the skill that will separate you from the rest.

It’s not a requirement to have these skills down when you first enter into the industry but it definitely helps you get off to a quick start if you have experience. However, if you are not coming in as a master, like most of us are not, it’s important you have an awareness of the skills you will need to work on. Realizing what it is going to take and how important they will be to your success will set you in the right direction to work on these skills day in and day out.

The two most important skills in network marketing are selling and leadership. These are the two things every top earner in the industry has in common. They have mastered the art of selling a business opportunity and selling a product, and they have mastered their ability to influence and lead others to success.

Regardless of what anyone else might tell you, network marketing is about selling. If you think about it, every business, every restaurant, every decision you make is about selling. Without sales, there is no business. Regardless of what the end goal is there are sales in almost everything that happens in life.

Let’s look at some real-world examples of what can be looked at as sales.


Getting your kids to eat their vegetables.
Convincing someone to marry you.
Getting your boss to see your point of view.
Talking your friend into going to see that movie you want to see.
Trying to sell yourself in an interview to get a job.

When people tell you network marketing is about sharing, not selling, they are lying to you. Yes, it’s important to share your product with others, but the desired end result is a closed sale. Simply just sharing a product won’t get you very far in the industry.

You must influence others to purchase these products from you and even join your team if you are trying to recruit. That means you must be able to walk people through your sales process and close the sale. You see, recruiting and sharing is really all about selling.

Selling is nothing more than influence. It’s about getting someone else to see your point of view so they will take action on what you are trying to influence them to do. It’s a transfer of energy from one person to another.

Many people think selling is bad and immediately refer to a used car salesman as a point of reference. We’ve all been there. However, I would say that selling, when it’s done right, is more of an educational experience than a pressuring event. It’s all about offering a solution to someone else’s need.

There are tons of materials out there to master the art of selling. Using hype, pressure, or lies will never get you far and more than likely it will backfire in your face. Work on yourself, work on selling. It’s crucial to your business and it will be a part of your personal brand.

Network Marketing is also a business that will thrive on solid leadership. There will be consultants who don’t last and customers who are inconsistent, but ultimately you are looking for leaders. It’s important to realize that people join because of other people, not because of the product or business.

People will follow you if they trust and believe in what you are doing. They want to join other people they believe can help them achieve their own goals. People want to work with successful people and others who they see as leaders. Most importantly people want to work with other people who know where they are headed.

Your prospect will evaluate you and your belief level more than they will evaluate the business or opportunity. This is the subconscious part of their brain analyzing your interaction and it happens whether you like it or not.

They might ask themselves a few questions like:
Does this person believe in what they are saying?
Will they really be able to help me succeed?

To make it to the top, you need to become a leader and that means you need to become a doer. You have to develop these skill that will make you more attractive to your team and your prospects. Lead by example at all times. It will breed other leaders.

Doing the necessary things to become a leader will increase your influence, and that’s essentially what leaderships most valuable trait holds. Influence. Once you have mastered the influence of leadership and the influence of sails you will be on your way to becoming the total package. Finding and developing these traits in others will become a strong foundation for your business. No one said it was an easy road, but it will definitely be worth it.