The continued outpouring or negativity in the LulaRoe story paints a picture of despair for the majority of reps that signed up for the LulaRoe “dream”.

Look, we’d like to be able to cover some sort of positive retort to all of this negativity, as we are believers (in the larger context) in the network marketing model. We believe that it can be an amazing career for anyone who chooses to put their best efforts behind a product and company that they believe in. As it stands, though, LulaRoe is not that company.

Another first person account broke over the weekend and it is important that we cover it. Here are the quotes from a woman left with thousands of dollars of inventory, a gaping hole in her bank account, and a feeling of failure:

““It was very disappointing, it just kind of made you sick to your stomach. They (LulaRoe) had their policies and they ended this offer and it hurt a lot of people and it hurt two of my personal teammates and best friends.”


Referring to the sudden change in the return policy by LulaRoe, which at one point promised the return of 100% of the dollars she invested in inventory, as a moment in time that radically changed her perception of the firm. Adding to her difficulty, the firm has either refused to process returns, or has taken months to do so.

More quotes from our saddened source, “The people that are trying to hold on I wish them all the best and I want them to hold on and I want them to succeed… but I’m just going to have to watch and hope for best for them. The reason I took this chance, and jumped in with both feet…you heard stories. You know, I know one lady — she was able to buy her house full out, and her husband was able to retire. You know, you hear those stories and I knew her personally. That was so compelling at the time. But I guess what isn’t well known is that stories like that come from people that get into a company like this very, very early. Those that follow on in the later stages find it much more difficult.”

We still have no idea what LulaRoe is planning to do about all of this. What will their newest policy have to say about returns? Will there be a media push or narrative to tell their side of the story. As it stands now – silence. Silence is never a precursor to some sort of life saving initiative. If we had to guess, the history of network marketing firms in this sort of dilemma is that they fold. Here’s to hoping (for all of the hard working LulaRoe reps out there) that the company can avoid having to shut its doors.