Did you get the magic pill in your starter kit? I’m talking about the life-changing miracle that brings overnight success, tons of meaningful relationships, and all the money you have been dreaming of?

Ok, obviously I’m exaggerating here but many people jump into our industry with this ridiculous expectation.

First and foremost, understand that you are now a business owner. An entrepreneur by definition is ‘a person who organizes and operates a business, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.’

As respectfully as I can put it, if you aren’t strapped up for the grind ahead, maybe you don’t deserve the rewards on the other side. It’s time to eliminate the expectation that this will be all sunshine and rainbows, regardless of what you’ve been told. Don’t let this discourage you. The road may not be easy but let me tell you, the destination is beautiful.

You certainly don’t have to search too hard to find someone who has failed and now trying to blast the industry; it’s not hard to guess what mindset they came in with either. Here we are going to discuss a couple MLM rumors that have been flying around and let you be the judge.


So, myth number one. Am I going to lose all my friends? Spam everyone you know through social media and you’re bound to turn some people off. Becoming ‘that guy’ people try to avoid won’t be a good look for your credibility. We were able to grab the perspective from someone now in their third company as an Organo Gold affiliate.

“Ya, I burned a lot of bridges in my first two companies. You have to learn from mistakes. I had to work even harder but once I found success I finally earned back some respect. I will say people don’t forget, and I think a lot of them are just waiting for me to fail again.”

“Personally, what I came to realize was a lot of my friends I approached the wrong way weren’t necessarily the people that were going to help me get there anyway. It wasn’t until I started to get outside my comfort zone that I attracted the right people.”

“The best part that people don’t see is this new family of like-minded individuals. We’re just on the page with the same goals. It kind fills the void from all those people who were holding me back.”

Onto myth number two. Will you lose all your money? Ok, I know that everyone is in a different situation but isn’t the point of joining an MLM to make money. Furthermore, we can assume the majority of new associates in the industry are starting because they are not in a great spot financially and have been convinced this is their ‘out.’

The Organo Gold affiliate was able to shed some light on this. “I would love to say that it’s not true, but it happened to me. I was a struggling college student working a part-time gig when I joined my first company. I was motivated at first but couldn’t even afford my third autoship, that’s when I had to drop.”

“I don’t think it’s about the company or even the products really. You can market this stuff to anyone. I hate to see people fall off but it’s all about timing.”

There’s definitely more to consider when looking into these statements than listening to your average Joe on their failed venture. Nonetheless, it’s still a risk, but is it a journey your prepared to embark on? Maybe it’s time you create your own story. By the way, if you find that pill, let me know.