Over the past couple of days we’ve posted two separate stories covering the rumblings at LulaRoe. Both of those articles have turned out to be WIDELY read amongst LulaRoe reps and executives across the country. (We even got a call from LulaRoe’s PR firm – Global Gateway Advisors – who represented the firm in a professional manner.)

But we have also been fielding all sorts of positive commentary, via our ‘Talk to Us’ link, and wanted to share those opinions with you as well.

**A quick reminder. This site is ‘pro’ network marketing. Yes, we will post feedback that covers the gamete of reactions, but we are solidly in the corner of the network marketing professional**

Here are some unedited responses, defending the company and it’s founders:

“Anyone can understand there being a little unrest at the firm. Some of the quality control issues and return policies have been ‘learning curve’ issues for the executives and founders. But, by a massive percentage, all of us are super happy to be associated with this firm. The founders, DeAnne and Mark, are wonderful people who really, really care about the business and the products. I guess I would see the negative feedback and raise it with a loud, I LOVE IT HERE!”


More feedback below, continued…

Another piece of positive feedback:

“This company is the best! It is fun, it is casual, it offers my family a source of income that we never dreamed of! Love the founders and their spirit! A couple bumps in the road, but that is just how life works, right?? The people that I’ve met through this company and my own journey through LulaRoe has been awesome! Tell some good stories about the firm – I’ve got a million of them!”

More about the founders:

“DeAnne and Mark are salt of the earth people; as the saying goes. About as well intentioned as I’ve come across in business. Any negative press this company receives is unfounded in my book. This place does the right thing, because it is the right thing to do, EVERY TIME! Wouldn’t leave it for the world!”

At any firm there are lots of cheerleaders and some detractors. Why some fall into one category or another is not for us to decide. We aren’t in the business of figuring out peoples intentions. What we do know, is that LulaRoe dialogue keeps coming our way, and we are hear to navigate the story. Thanks for your submissions!