November is well known as the best sales month for direct sales distributors. That may be helping things cool off a bit for LulaRoe.

The anticipation of those big commission checks could be playing in the companies favor, or is LuLaRoe actually trying to turn things around?

LuLaRoe has been taking it on the chin for most of 2017. We’re talking about the public perception of the company and the noise in the media that has accompanied that perception. We’ve covered disputes, rumored protests at conferences, and even lawsuits landing on LuLaRoe’s doorstep. Representatives have not been shy in voicing their opinions (most notably their hate) as the company struggles to regain it’s stride.

Here are some of the most note-worthy reactions on social media and in our inboxes as the calendar finally turns to 2018:

  1. Disney Collection

LuLaRoe announced earlier in the year they would be partnering up with Disney to create a Disney inspired collection. The response to this was warm from LuLaRoe loyal distributors but others were distraught by the expansion when they felt LuLaRoe owed them something.


“I’m waiting for the day that Disney pins their a** to the ground for all their (probably) unlicensed Mickey/Minnie printed sh**.

In response, another previous LuLaRoe representative said, “I’m surprised they (Disney) haven’t already. They’re really litigious over their brands and I doubt they want their IP associated with a supposed pyramid scheme.”

Current LuLaRoe representatives love the Disney collection and have said: “It seems like everyone who has a favorite print, it’s one of the Disney prints and they can’t stop taking pictures of them.”

But the Disney love is about all the firm has going for it right now. Everything they do is surrounded by controversy. Representatives surely haven’t forgotten about previous mistakes the company has made even if they are starting to fix a few kinks. I mean they can’t even announce a Disney collection, which no other company has, without some ‘in-bred’ negativity.

2. Refund Announcements

In other news, there have been numerous reports that LuLaRoe reps (current and previous) have been notified they will receive a check for any wrongful taxation they were charged on previous orders. The company has buried themselves in such a hole that even an attempt to make things right gives those affected a chance to lash out. It’s almost humorous at this point.

One rep was told her refund would be coming in the mail. Other reps had reported getting refunds as well, but when the check came through, it was issued to the wrong person. In response to LuLaRoe, she said: “For that, you can keep my $2.11 and I’ll add it to your tab.”