The negativity surrounding LulaRoe, and stemming from the company’s controversial return policy, just won’t go away.

Downline Buzz had several conversations with women who have found themselves in a difficult financial spot, as the company stretches the very legal edges of their ever shifting return policy.

True to form, most of our contacts are women seeking to carve out a career that gives them both maximum financial stability and flexibility, so that they can serve their families in a way that they seem fit. Their LulaRoe journeys have been tough to listen to over the past couple of days.

One particular contact, Peyton Thomas, wanted her story to be told. The cat and mouse game that LulaRoe is playing with her returns is, frankly, embarrassing.

Peyton had this to say over the weekend, “So my story may be a little different from everyone else’s but here it goes…I got shipping labels rather quickly and shipped my inventory back to LuLaRoe, according to UPS (LuLaRoe signed for it) it arrived back at the LuLaRoe warehouse on 8/30. It has been 33 business days since my inventory has been returned and I have yet to even receive an email that they received it. When I do send an email inquiry I get the canned “we’re sad to see you go” email they send to every consultant going out of business even though they have had my inventory for weeks. When I try to call there is a 5+ hour wait time. LuLaRoe gives you the option to hang up but keep your place in line and have a “day maker” or customer service rep call you back once they reach your spot. I have done that 6 times over the last several weeks and have yet to get a phone call back.”

“I can’t imagine they are making the profit they once were. The quality of the clothing is sub par and the clothing is even more horrendous than it ever has been, not to mention all the thousands of consultants taking advantage of LuLaRoe buying their inventory back! I just want my measly $5k back before they file bankruptcy!” 

“We, all of us, as consultants, really appreciate media bringing this to light. We made this LuLaRoe a billion dollar company and now they’re treating us like we are unintelligent, undeserving, people. We’re mostly just moms trying to stay home with kids and make a living, and want what’s rightfully owed to us. I hope this helps, I’m happy to answer any questions.”
These are ugly tactics being used by a firm that proclaims to be a ‘sisterhood’. We find it particularly interesting that the inventory is being quickly accepted, yet the dollars are incredibly slow to make its way back to the former reps. Hours and hours of waiting on the phone feels like another cruel stall tactic to us. What busy woman has the time to stay on hold all day?? Finally, not even so much as an email cataloguing the inventory return sounds like a legal maneuver to us. If there isn’t a secondary trail of crumbs connected to the return, can LulaRoe simply deny that it ever happened. We don’t like where this is headed.