In a now-deleted video, CEO Mark Stidham seemingly tried to cover the controversy surrounding LuLaRoe this past year. Stidham blamed lagging sales and an increase in consultant resignations on their own mistakes, taking the focus off of both the fashion line itself and the rising consumer complaints.

The surging women’s fashion company has been facing some serious heat since January 2017, when the FTC cracked down with a lawsuit against wrongful taxation of buyers. Other rumors have started to surface from infuriated consultants of past and present. With LuLaRoe’s upcoming leadership conference only weeks away, a peaceful protest is rumored to be brewing. Disgruntled consultants could be preparing to fire back.

Dallas-Fort Worth will play host to leaders of LuLaRoe between October 12-14. According to Christina Hinks, a former LuLaRoe consultant, the organizers of this protest have a lot to say to them and their so-called leadership.

She gave some dirt on her experience, and possible reasons the protest could take place. “The level at which consultants were turning each other in was unbelievable. There was this rabid attitude encouraged by the weekly calls from home office.” This has not been verified, but it’s rumored consultants may have been joining one another’s private VIP sales Facebook groups in order to act as double agents, and rat others out for company misconduct.

Additionally, other ethical concerns have swirled among the company.


UPDATE: Feedback we’ve received regarding the protest can be read here

Numerous consultants have mentioned a six-figure income earner who allegedly suggests her team to ‘bribe’ receptionist at retirement communities to get their foot in the door and solicit. “This really didn’t sit well with me,” Hinks says. “Home office doesn’t do anything about something like this, but they come after consultants for selling below retail? That’s not right.”

Another unhappy consultant eager to see what the protest brings shared her own input. Evans views seem to be in line with the rumors as she said, “I have seen friends have their businesses closed down and get locked out of Build, LuLaRoe’s system, because they said something that wasn’t in-line with the culture.” There are sales teams, she says, who encourage their members to find 10 fellow consultants each week to report to Home Office.

Hinks, among others, plan to take part in the protest surrounding the events at Cowboy Stadium. Organizers, who have been referring to themselves as the ‘LuLaLivid’, plan to attract a crowd in hopes to gain media attention. An exact time and place are yet to be determined.

Everyone is invited to participate if you feel you have been wronged by the company. We expect many of those who are owed money or awaiting refunds to show face at the event. It is only asked that LuLaRoe merchandise is not worn during the protest. Stay tuned for updates as the events draw near.