The LuLaRoe madness continues to unfold in 2018. The latest news has them up to a grand total of 22 lawsuits the company has faced but there might be a bigger issue at hand. Internal problems have surfaced, showing volatility at the company’s core.

Not only has the brand seen some major backlash from customers who complain that the clothing is literally falling apart on them, but LuLaRoe is now seeing it from the other side too, their corporate employees. The LuLaRoe business stems from the creativity behind their clothing, without it, there would be no company. The Art Department plays a big role in the products and there have been major concerns revolving around the originality of their work.

A former textile designer with LuLaRoe gave us some clues to her brief experience with the company. She has requested to remain anonymous but points out there are some very real issues tearing this company apart that should soon be exposed.

“I’m so tempted to spill the beans. However, because there was only a handful of us that lasted more than a few months in the art department, it would easily be traced back to me or my coworkers. One thing I do want to clarify, I can’t speak for accounts before I was there, but during my employment, my colleagues and I worked very hard to create all original designs while juggling a crazy demand. In the meantime, I’ll sit back and watch the madness unfold with the rest of you.”

LuLaRoe goes through thousands of designs before selecting a print. There was controversy last year about one of the prints they chose which in fact was found out that it came from a painting when the original designer was made aware. It’s unclear if any other prints have been stolen from the original designers, as the anonymous source points out. Her time was short-lived but there were definitely designs she came across that were not original, whether the gatekeeper allowed those to be put into production was not the Art Departments call.


“I was there within this past year, so after the original designs were out. It’s hard to say, I couldn’t look at their existing patterns and immediately tell what was original and what wasn’t. There are definitely patterns I’ve done that I’m proud of and use for my portfolio. There are pieces with my designs that I have worn myself. When given enough time, my coworkers and I were able to make some really solid work.”

“We were kept in the dark as far as the business end of the company. The most ludicrous task we had was creating 1,000 prints in one day between 4 designers. This was not the norm, but happened on many occasions.”

She made it very clear there’s not a whole lot of transparency between the departments. They have one job and after it’s done they get no say in the final production of the designs. Seems like they are getting worked liked caged animals, no wonder the turnover rate is so high. Her experience only lasted a few months as was the case with many other designers.

There appears to be no mercy coming from the corporate end. CEO Mark Stidham told Business Insider that he didn’t “feel we have much to apologize for” when customer complaints began to arise. We can only imagine what the workplace environment is like for employees under this type of leadership. As the company continues to go through war, news will continue to leak regarding the destructive culture they have created. The people deserve to know and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.