A couple weeks ago we put together a story about a simmering issue that was brought to our attention by several NuSkin reps. That simmering has turned into a drumbeat.

It seems that NuSkin has a problem with its comp plan and as teams grow and compensation becomes the issue of the day; serious splinters are forming, cracks are appearing, and relationships are crumbling. As reps grow underneath there respective uplines, they see the opportunity to move their squad away from their original upline and dramatically increase their personal revenue.

This isn’t a rep to rep problem in our minds. It is a failure of NuSkin leadership to see this coming and adjust the policy accordingly. It is one thing for a large rep that is growing quickly to see opportunity to take their organic team to an entirely different company and product line. But to do it internally should be a no-no. The fact that the NuSkin comp plan allows for this (and some would say actually encourages it) is causing real problems around the country.

An anonymous source at NuSkin’s headquarters had this to say, “yes, this is a real problem right now. I won’t deny that or give you guys some sort of PR spin. It is a problem. We are fielding all sorts of internal arguments amongst large teams and trying to be an arbiter where possible. The firm could find better ways to use their time. The bigger problem, as I see it, is that there isn’t meaningful dialogue about changing the comp plan. So this will continue.”

That can’t be good news for Diamond members who spent countless hours building large teams in good faith. The idea that they could lose a third of their team in a 30 day time span is causing all sorts of sleepless nights!