One Coin – One Life is a sinking ship. Founder, Dr. Ruja Ignatova has abandoned the company in suspicions fashion. Many others have followed suit before any serious repercussions come from being involved in the alleged Ponzi scheme. The company is raising every red flag in the book, yet still trying to hang on for dear life.

As of October 9 of last year, Dr.Ruja Ignatova has not been heard from by any friends, One Coin – One Life distributors, or corporate employees. It looks as though she was feeling the heat from law enforcement and regulators. Just a year before her mysterious disappearance, she announced she was going to step down as the CEO of OneCoin and wanted to focus her full attention on the “new blockchain” they are developing.

Rumors are speculating everywhere that she has left to another country knowing the company was running an illegal scheme, and that’s why she was trying to get out of the mess she created. Others had these thoughts on her stepping down, “I’ve got some insights. Someone said she had a baby in October. I’m still unsure about One Coin in though. A leader tried several times to get me in, but this all seems fishy now”. However, this was quoted before her disappearance.

For the longest time, Dr. Ruja had been the face of One Coin and One Life. She held various speeches and presentations on why this alleged business is better than Bitcoin itself. Unfortunately, thousands of people have already fallen for these empty promises, and it looks like there is no one stepping in to stop the One Coin train… Yet.

Dr. Ruja claimed her reasoning for stepping down on October 3rd was to develop the One Coin blockchain technology. Everyone knows the team has no blockchain technology, and she was just doing that to cover her own behind. Conveniently enough less than 48 hours before her announcement, One Coin released some interresting news. The company was running a business based on the alleged value of their own coin and decided to double the profits for everyone involved when doubling the number of coins for current members, allowing One Coin to claim a market cap of over 2 billion dollars. At the time One Coin had a market cap larger than Bitcoin but no one knows what it was backed by to give it any actual value. This screams Ponzi scheme.


To this day, it remains doubtful anyone managed to withdraw those funds, as the company encourages its members to keep investing their ‘earnings’ back into the company. Other big news struck last May when top income earners, the Steinkeller Brothers, walked away from a 2.5-million-dollar monthly income from One Coin.

It’s hard to imagine walking away from the company came easy, although who paid off who or how they were allowed to get out unscathed is unclear. Why spend two and a half years building One Coin up as the ‘future of currency’ if all you’re going to do is run when money is puring in. More than likely it’s a solid clue the end is in sight.

Did the Steinkeller Brothers not believe their One Coin point balances are worth what the company says they are, or had recruitment dropped so much they had to get out while they could. Not a chance. Seems like there’s a deeper reason the top income earners in the biggest cryptocurrency MLM would run for the hills.

They claimed they were retiring from network marketing to pursue a confidential project outside of the industry. A super-secret ‘undisclosed project’ is clearly not why the Steinkeller Brothers left their enormous fortune of One Coin behind. One possible reason for the Brothers opting to disappear, and one which OneCoin to date has thus far failed to publicly address, is increased regulatory scrutiny surrounding the company. We saw this coming.

These series of events have now lead up to the unforeseen disappearance of the founder, Dr. Ruja. As a direct result of the disappearance, the majority of active top Leaders have recently left as well. Disappointed, the company is now attempting to pursue other opportunities, as a ship without a captain is unacceptable in network marketing.

It’s time to get out (if you haven’t already), this ship is sinking fast. Unfortunately, top leaders are usually the ones who see the deeper issues within a company first, allowing them to take their money and run, leaving the average member empty-handed when it’s all said and done. It takes time for government regulators to crack down and disband an established business. So, don’t think because it hasn’t happened yet, your money is safe. They are waiving a red flag right in front of our faces, it’s time to open our eyes. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.