Scentsy reps have been battling what some are calling ‘strict’ policies and procedures at the well known direct sales firm. Compliance issues have been brought up in recent conversations, as there seems to be some confusion among consultants.

First and foremost, it’s probably not a good idea to compare apples to oranges when looking at two companies side by side. Sure, some things may look alike at first glance, but when you get a little deeper into the weeds the story changes.

Those who chose to get involved at Scentsy must understand there are all sorts of moving parts and most times there’s a reason behind policies that are set in place. For consultants who sit back and question these ‘rules’, it could land them in some hot water, especially if they start raising a case based on what other companies are doing. But what if that’s not the case? What if these consultants are right?

Scentsy claims their guidelines are set in place to protect the integrity of the brand while conveniently encouraging their consultants to think outside the box. As a Scentsy rep, your selling avenues could come from home parties, online sales and marketing, social media parties, fundraising or anywhere in between. However, staying within company regulations while conducting business in each these ways is where we have seen the confusion.

Threatened with shutdown…


Here are the comments from a Scentsy rep who found herself on the verge of getting shut down by corporate.

“The stuff is nice, but I don’t promote Scentsy full-time. Even on a part-time basis, I was receiving emails from Scentsy headquarters for all kinds of rules that I had broken. I guess I should have reread before I started Scentsy, but wow, it sure can be strict at times! I was even blocked off the Facebook fan page for posting about my carry – all being available. Unbelievable.”

“You cannot return ANY of your Scentsy business stuff for a refund and you cannot post an ad for it on the Scentsy forums or pretty much anywhere. So, once you buy that Scentsy starter kit, you’re pretty much SOL for being able to recoup your losses. Is it me or could Scentsy afford to loosen up a bit?”

“I know two people who just quit Scentsy due to this and the 20-25% commissions, but don’t get me wrong because I DO like the product. I use it and I’m still selling off the rest of my inventory – but just had to voice my concern.”

“The previous company I was with sold nutritional stuff and while I wasn’t passionate about the product and many of my prospects didn’t like it, they weren’t strict in the least. They allowed their promoters a LOT of freedom on how they wished to advertise their biz.”

In the Scentsy world, rarely are any two businesses operated the same. Although many consultants do things ‘by the book’, this might be frustrating for consultants who find an avenue where they enjoy promoting the products, only to receive emails of violation.

The company continues to state the policies are there to protect their consultants and help each individual Scentsy journey run a little smoother. We’ve seen some mixed reviews but its apparent a few have hit roadblocks in their path to success from the current guidelines in place. Here Scentsy reps find themselves at the crossroads whether to embrace the policies in place or voice an opinion for a change.