The Rodan and Fields convention in Las Vegas, days after the shooting and tragedy in that city, has made for some uncomfortable moments and conversations at the company.

Just days before 13,500 Rodan and Fields consultants were scheduled to take part in the biggest convention in company history, tragedy struck the city in what many will never forget. The devastating shootings that took place October 1st, came just down the street from the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino where consultants would begin pouring in only 4 days later. The most anticipated event of the year for Rodan and Fields now had an eerie feeling looming in the days leading up to convention kick off.

“While the mood is somber and our hearts go out to the victims of this senseless tragedy, the people of Las Vegas are united in strength and resilience.” Said one event organizer.

The nationwide response was heartfelt, everyone was impacted in one way or another. For Rodan and Fields consultants, emotions ran on high coming into the convention. As many declined to join the event, we were able to capture the reactions from some of those in attendance as well.

One consultant had a message for the corporate office. “Let people get their money back for convention if they want. Simply ‘beefing up security’ isn’t enough for some people. Let them make the choice, not you.” We have been informed there were empty seats where countless ticket holders were supposed to fill and it has not been established if refunds are being rewarded at this point. Rodan and Fields have neither confirmed or denied this.


Another Level V consultant presented a different spin on things. “Ya, there was a weird tension in the air. Kind of like that elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. Usually, everyone lines up and rushes the doors to get a good seat but I didn’t feel that same excitement at first.”

“I know some ladies didn’t feel comfortable making the trip, understandably. I had quite a few people from my team going so I knew I had to be there for them… but I did hear some rumors that a couple newer leaders didn’t make it. Not sure who they were, but apparently it didn’t sit too well. I couldn’t believe teams were being so insensitive”

“I was an emotional wreck when we took a moment of silence to honor everyone affected by what happened earlier in the week. Honestly felt a weight lifted off my shoulders after that. Like I was finally able to clear my head and focus”

“It was such a roller coaster of emotions leading up but turned out to be one of the best events I’ve ever been a part of.”

As Southern Nevada plays host for powerhouse companies like Rodan and Fields, their conventions will continue to leave lasting impacts. However, it seems inevitable there will always be some form of controversy surrounding events like the ones we touched on today. Let’s hope we can make the decision to support each other’s choices in a time of need.