Young Living is currently one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the industry. Their most popular product, essential oils has been popular with millennials in particular. But we’re not here to talk about their products or the company.

A relatively new member reached out to us this past week with some information we felt could benefit most MLM company members due to its relevance across the board.

“I was beyond excited to join Young Living as an independent distributor. I had been a customer for about four months and really believed in the product. I didn’t know too much about what it would take to start as a distributor, but I was confident that I would get the help I needed.”

I would say most people coming into this industry could relate to this. There is a certain amount of inherent excitement when taking your first steps towards financial independence. However, most do not fully grasp that it’s not as simple as snapping your fingers. There is a lot to learn, and if you do not get going quickly, it’s easy to get discouraged.

“I was under the assumption that my upline would be walking me through my first few months. That was not the case. Her presentation convinced me that I would not be alone in initially learning the essentials of building my future business, but after signing up it seemed as if anytime I needed help she was too busy.”


We have heard first-hand experiences like this before. Although distributors have the best intentions when bringing new members in, they sometimes bite off more than they can chew. This leaves new members feeling betrayed and lost as to what they should be doing to get started.

“I knew someone that signed up around the same time as me with another team and she seemed to be doing great, at least that’s what I assumed from her Facebook posts. So, I reached out to her and asked how things were going. After some discussion, I realized that her upline was calling her two to three times a week to keep her accountable, answering any questions she had, and frequently sending out updates.”

I think we know where this may be going…

“I was perturbed, to say the least. Not only was I not receiving calls from my upline, she was normally too busy any time I reached out to her and receiving a return call was rare. I still loved the company, but I did not want to be on someone’s team that didn’t have the time to help get me started. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’m trying to switch to a different upline now. Hopefully, people will see this and make sure they have the time to train new members they bring into the company. Most people would have probably quit network marketing altogether.”